We supply all range of refractories products. We provide complete installation service for Roller Kiln for S.S. Pata-Pati and other similar product. We offer a variety of technical solustions to most customer specifications for Furnaces & bollers. We also offer consulting and refractory material selection services. Our extensive experience in this industry puts also us in a solid position to offer valuable consulting and resourcing services. We are confident to provide valuable services for your project.

Mahavir Refratech deals in a wide range of refractory products, combined properly with installation services. From us, you will receive technical solutions, which can work with most of customer specifications. Whether you need spare parts for furnace or want to renovate your boilers, you can be rest assured to receive the best products from us. Furthermore, our team of reliable experts will also provide you with insulation bricks, high alumina castables, high alumina fire bricks and ceramic fiber products, as added items. You will even receive grouts and magnesite blocks as other options.